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Upcoming Free Webinars on Entering US and Canadian Market

Our partners GO International and Mahdlo are running a series of free webinars, starting on the 26th June, aimed at providing guidance for UK businesses that want to benefit from the great opportunities the US and Canada offer.

Take a look below for the agenda for each of the 1-hour webinars and sign up to take advantage of this free opportunity.

Webinar 1: “Unlocking the American Dream: Is the US Market Right for Your Business?” – on 26th June at 4:00pm 

Key discussion points will include:  

  • Understanding the US Market: We’ll explore the unique characteristics of the US market and how it can align with your business’s goals. 

  • Potential Benefits and Challenges: Gain insights into the potential rewards and hurdles your business might encounter in the US market. 

  • Conducting Market Analysis: Learn how to conduct a thorough market analysis to understand the demand for your product or service in the US. 

Webinar 2: “Navigating the American Landscape: Building Your Go-to-Market Strategy” ?” – on 10th July at 4:00pm 

Key discussion points will include: 

  • Crafting Your Value Proposition: We’ll discuss how to define your unique value proposition that sets you apart from the competition in the US market. 

  • Identifying Your Target Customers: Learn how to identify and understand the needs of your target customer segments in the US market. 

  • Developing Your Marketing and Channel Strategy: Gain insights into creating an effective marketing and distribution strategy to reach your target customers. 

Webinar 3: “Mastering the American Market: Building Your US Revenue Operations Function” ?” – on 17th July at 4:00pm 

Key discussion points will include: 

  • Building Your Team: We’ll discuss the key roles and responsibilities that need to be filled in your US revenue operations team. External (Partnerships) vs. Internal 

  • Aligning Your Teams: Learn how to align your sales, marketing, and customer success teams to drive revenue growth. 

  • Tracking Success: Gain insights into the metrics and KPIs you should track to measure the success of your US operations. 

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