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Kaye Lake, Tees Valley Combined Authority

Tracey and her team have provided a fantastic programme of 1-1 health check diagnostics, webinars, outbound/inbound support to businesses to provide solutions and identify challenges and issues arising

with changes in legislation and requirements for trading internationally post Brexit.   I could not recommend

Tracey and her team highly enough  


Tracey Watson
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Tracey brings a wealth of experience in international trade and business support.   She has an extensive knowledge of both UK and EU legislation, which stems from 17 years of successfully designing and delivering a variety of public funded Business Advisory and Grant Investment Programmes. 

Tracey’s extensive international trade experience spans back to the early 1990’s, ranging from Export Sales Officer for Tioxide Europe Ltd to Logistics Manager for Oxford Chemicals. She has previously worked as the Head of the North East’s Regional International Trade Office and working as a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser.  All of this experience is brought together to ensure that we provide services that truly meet the needs of businesses, our clients, through accurate and informative support.  

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Lynn Rutherford
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Managing Director
Horizon Chief Editor

As a former Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser, Lynn has experience in supporting businesses who trade internationally.   This was further exampled by the international trade guidance and support Lynn provided Tees Valley based businesses during the period prior and post the Trade & Cooperation Agreement being agreed between the UK-EU. 

Lynn’s previous experience of producing a dangerous goods magazine, which she ran with Tracey and resulted in them both winning Female Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, means that Lynn brings knowledge and experience to the role of Chief Editor for Horizon Magazine.  Finally, her past experience in the Insolvency Industry has led to Lynn becoming an expert in ensuring that businesses continue to be compliant throughout their international trade journey.  

Ben Bradford
International Trade Director
Horizon Journalist & Editor

Ben is often the face, voice and curator of our international trade content.  His legal background allows him to dissect and understand legislation, regulations and guidance.  He then has the ability to translate the relevant information in a way which is understandable and engaging for the end user. 


With experience in offering 1-2-1 and 1-2-many training, Ben understands the needs of businesses.  This is demonstrated by the work Ben has conducted with the North East Chamber of Commerce, North East Department for Business & Trade and the Tees Valley Combined Authority, to deliver international trade guidance and support to businesses across the North East region. 

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Chloe Huitson
Media & Editorial Officer
Horizon Content Designer

Chloe is our tech guru.  Her production and editorial skills allow us to produce engaging and informative podcasts, webinars and workshops. For Horizon magazine, Chloe uses her skills to design articles and pages, and is our in-house designer for third-party adverts. Helping us to really bring each page of Horizon Magazine to life throughout every issue.   

Through all of her work Chloe balances catching the imagination with professionalism to ensure she always produces video, sound, electronic and paper content which works best for our clients. Chloe's work allows us to provide content that is easy to consume for our clients. 

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Nicola McNeil
Trade and Research Officer
Horizon Journalist
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