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A note from our editor

Welcome to our Summer 2024 edition.
The last quarter has been one of change for those within our business.  Firstly, I must congratulate Ben on becoming a father!  Knowing Ben it won’t be too long before he’s trying to teach poor Elliot to say the word Incoterms.  On a sadder note, Nicola has decided to leave us to reignite her dream of becoming a university lecturer.  We wish her all the best and realise that our loss is surely her students gain.

More generally in the international trade world, changes continue to impact businesses, whether it be the introduction of the next phase of the Border Target Operating Model or CDS becoming mandatory for exporters from the day of the launch of this edition.  That is not to mention the general election that was unexpectedly announced on 22nd May!

As ever, we will continue to keep you up to date and provide you with the guidance and support you need to successfully trade internationally.  As part of this ethos it is my great pleasure to announce the inclusion of a North American segment in this edition of Horizon.  A segment focussed on bringing you knowledge, personal experiences and expert opinions on trading with America and Canada.​


If you have any questions for our experts, or even a recommendation on an area you would like us to cover, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. As a team we always love to hear from our readers and understand how we can best support you.

For now enjoy the summer edition and let us take the stress out of your international trade and leave you to stress about remembering your passports for those summer holidays.

Lynn Rutherford - Chief Editor

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