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UK Government Raises Minimum Income Requirement for Work Visas

Following mounting pressure to act on increasing migration, the government has announced changes to immigration rules.

From 2024, anyone wishing to enter the UK on a work visa will need to hold a job offer with a salary of at least £38,700. The previous threshold was £26,200.

This threshold will not apply to certain roles, though including those in health and social care, since these are on the 'shortage occupation list'. The Government has pledged to reduce the number of occupations on this list, however, and reduce the number of health and social care visas available.

The news comes after the figures were released revealing that UK net migration reached 745,000 in 2022.

This increase will affect UK businesses and employers who act as visa sponsors. Whether this will affect workers currently in the UK on work visas due to expire is not clear. We will investigate this topic and keep you updated.

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