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Tightening of Rules from January 2022 for tariff-free trade with EU

Rules of Origin

British exporters will be required to demonstrate compliance with the rules of origin in the UK-EU trade deal from January 2022 to continue tariff-free trade with the EU.

Under the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) British exporters can send goods to the EU tariff-free if their products are classed as having ‘UK origin’.

Similarly, EU exporters sending goods to the UK can do so duty-free so long as their goods are classed as having ‘EU origin’.

End of the Grace Period

There is a risk that businesses have become complacent and misunderstand the level of evidence that will be required to demonstrate origin because of the one-year grace period provided by UK government, but from January 2022, they will have to demonstrate they are compliant with these rules, or they will be required to pay duties.

Andrew Howie, a partner at Grant Thornton, recently reported that: “Many businesses may not be aware that they are currently benefitting from a range of phased Brexit implementations measures, including grace periods around rules of origin. With this set to change from 2022, when further border measures come into force, businesses need to ensure that they are prepared and ready, to avoid a shock and even further disruption.”

Read the government guidance on how to check that goods meet rules of origin.

Contact us now for more information about how to comply with the rules of origin in the UK-EU trade deal

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