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New Support to Find the Import Risk Categories for Animals and Animal Products Imported from the EU

The UK has launched a new tool to support businesses that import live animals, germinal

products, POAO and ABPs, from the EU or EFTA countries to categorise their products as high, medium or low risk.

From 31st October 2023, importers of live animals or animal products will need to know the Target Operating Model (TOM) risk category for the commodity they are importing. Each category has different requirements.

To help businesses find the correct risk category for their products, the Government have launched a new tool where businesses can search by using their 10-digit commodity code.

Currently, not all ABPs and composite products are listed on the spreadsheet tool. If a business finds that this is the case for their commodity, they should use the summary table (which is also available) to obtain more information on how their product will be categorised.

Businesses can find the commodity code search tool, and the summary tables, here!

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