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IPAFFS Pre-notification reference number needed for CDS

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) announced on Friday (3rd February) that customs declarations on CDS cannot be completed without the IPAFFS Pre-notification Reference Number where you are moving applicable goods.

Since 1 January 2022, imports of POAO and ABP originating in the EU, have been required to be pre-notified on the Imports of Products, Animals, Foods and Feed System (IPAFFS). The importer is required to insert their 7-digit IPAFFS pre-notification reference number, which is given to them once they have completed their pre-notification requirements in IPAFFS, into their customs declaration on CDS.

Importers will no longer be able to complete their customs declarations without inputting their reference numbers.

The announcement states that, if a business has already submitted a customs declaration without an IPAFFS reference number and the goods are yet to be moved to GB, the importer should amend the declaration before the goods arrive. Additionally, if an importer has submitted a customs declaration without an IPAFFS reference number for goods that have arrived in GB, then they will need to re-submit the declaration with their IPAFFS pre-notification number.

For more information on pre-notifying in IPAFFS and completing customs declarations, use the two below links:

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