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Indian PM Set for Third Term Despite Fall in Majority

It has been announced that Narendra Modi is set to be India’s Prime Minister for a third term despite not having an outright majority.   Mr Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won 240 seats compared to the 303 they won in 2019. 

A large resurgence in opposition has led to Modi unexpectedly becoming reliant on the National Democratic Alliance’s smaller parties to reach a parliamentary majority.     

At the time of writing, the opposition (who won 232 seats to the NDA’s 293) are yet to formally concede despite Mr Modi being likely to be sworn in for a third term in the coming days.  It will be the first time that Mr Modi has governed in coalition without his party having an outright majority which, could be argued, leads to some level of uncertainty on what the next five years holds for India.  

India continues to be a key target for the current UK Government as we look to finalise a Free Trade Agreement with the country.  

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