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HMRC Publish Latest Single Trade Window Update

Yesterday (01.02.24) HMRC published their latest update on the progress of the Single Trade Window (STW). Intended to provide a link between businesses and UK border systems, the Single Trade Window (STW) will enable traders to submit their information for import, export and transit in a single place without the need to resupply the same data multiple times. Ahead of the scheme’s launch, the government committed to providing regular updates on its progress to border industry stakeholders.  

The update outlines that the design, development and testing of the foundational service is now completed. Late in 2023, HMRC called for traders to test the service. They confirmed that an external trader was able to interact successfully with the foundational service.  

Following this smaller-scale testing, HMRC explained that they are continuing to test and develop the service in collaboration with a wider group of users before its release to the public. This process, called Co-Design, has seen the government work with a key group of border industry stakeholders, including Community Service Providers (CSPs), software providers and carriers as well as traders.  Traders are again encouraged to get involved with this phase of testing and user research and can register their interest here.  

HMRC also provided advice on how traders can prepare for the public release of the STW. Crucially, traders should ensure they have an EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) number and a Government Gateway ID. You can apply for an EORI number here.  

Read the full bulletin here. Tees Global will bring you the latest updates on the Single Trade Window as they are released. Sign up to our newsletter to get the latest on this topic straight to your inbox.  

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