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Government Announces Recognition Arrangements Grant to Support Service Exports

The UK government has announced a third round of funding for qualification recognition arrangements to help support service exports.  

At present, the UK is the second largest exporter of services after the US. Figures released this month by the Resolution Foundation indicate that service exports accounted for 56% of all UK exports by value added by Q3 2023.

Hoping to capitalise on and continue this trend, the government has pledged a bumper year for UK service exports, with a focus on service-centric trade agreements like that being negotiated with Turkey and South Korea.  

Currently, though, discrepancies between the qualifications and accreditations required to practice professions such as law or accountancy in particular countries pose a barrier to many professionals aiming to export their services. Typically, these differences mean UK professionals wishing to sell their services internationally have to invest both time and money in gaining additional qualifications recognised by the countries they wish to sell their services to.   

To mitigate these issues, the UK government has pledged £500,000 as part of the Recognition Arrangements Grant Programme to help UK professionals have their qualifications recognised in key service export markets.  The scheme, which is now in its third year, will support service exports by funding mutual recognition arrangements or RPQs.  Awards of up to 75,000 will enable professional bodies and regulators in the UK to negotiate Recognition arrangements. The expectation is that funding will be used by grant-holders to acquire external technical expertise or dedicated members of staff The window for applications to the scheme is currently open until Friday 22nd March 2024.  

Who can apply? 

Both UK regulators that control access to professions regulated in law and professional bodies that award professional titles including chartered status are eligible to apply to the programme. Full eligibility criteria can be found on here.  

How can I apply?  

Interested groups should submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) here. The Department for Business & Trade will then invite interested parties to submit an application.  

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