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ECJU Respond to Reports of Delays for Exporters Using End User Advisory Service

The Export Control Joint Unit issues guidance following reports of delays for exporters accessing End User Advisory Service.

The End User Advisory Service exists to help exporters determine whether their goods require export licences as a result of their dual or military use potential and the geopolitical location of their end user.

Currently, however, exporters accessing the service have reported delays in receiving responses to their queries.

The government has acknowledged this situation and indicated that delays are the result of 'unnecessary' queries and increased questions around exports to Russia and China following the UK government's classification of both countries as destinations subject to military end-use controls.

In an attempt to reduce delays for users, the ECJU has emphasised that queries should only be submitted by exporters whose goods do not feature on any published control lists. Those exporting to Western Europe, in particular, have been advised to avoid using the service since exports to most countries in Western Europe are not subject to UK end-use controls.

A list of goods subject to export controls can be found here.

If you would like to know more about export licences or are unsure whether a product you would like to export is subject to end-use controls, feel free to contact one of our International Trade Consultants at

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