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Data Adequacy Decision APPROVED:

30 June 2021…that was the deadline for the European Commission to approve the adequacy decision for the UK. Without the official approval, all UK businesses who obtain personal data from the EU and EEA would have had to make significant changes to allow the continued flow of data.

We have known since February that a draft decision has been in place but, in reality, the draft decision meant very little if the official approval was not granted before 30 June.

Thankfully, UK businesses need to sweat no more. The EU Commission announced on 28 June 2021 that the adequacy decision has been approved, in essence agreeing that the UK’s data protection laws are to the required level.

The Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, had this to say on the development:

This is a positive result for UK businesses and organisations. Approved adequacy means that businesses can continue to receive data from the EU without having to make any changes to their data protection practices. Adequacy is the best outcome as it means organisations can carry on with data protection as usual.”

So what difference will UK businesses see? Well, in all likelihood, businesses will see little change in the way they conduct their day to day running. The bridging mechanism allowed for the free flow of personal data from the EU to the UK until 30 June 2021 and now the adequacy decision as cemented this position for at least 4 more years.

With this adequacy decision, UK business can now focus on continuing to ensure they comply with UK data protection rules and GDPR rather than being concerned with changes in relation to how they can hold data from the EU.

The decision came late in the day, and the majority of businesses may miss the significance but, its certainly a welcomed decision.

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