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Have your say on services trade under the Aus and NZ agreements

Updated: Apr 4

The Department of Business and Trade (DBT) is seeking feedback from service providers on their experiences of exporting to Australia and New Zealand. 

Two landmark trade agreements between the UK and both Australia and New Zealand came effect in May of last year (2023). Now a number of committees have been set up to oversee and carry out specific provisions of these agreements. 

Ahead of these meetings, the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) is asking traders to provide insights on operating under the new regulations ahead of the service and investment committee meetings.  

The results of this survey will be incorporated into the discussions due to take place at these meetings. In doing so, the government aims to address any persistent problems experienced by service providers conducting business under these agreements. 

The UK is the second largest exporter of services after the US and exported services worth £9.0 billion and £966 million to Australia and New Zealand, respectively, in the four quarters leading up to Q3 2023.   DBT emphasized that, as part of the current agreements, companies trading in services no longer need to maintain a local office or be resident of either nation to do so. Additionally, the agreements include provisions will facilitate the negotiation of mutual recognition agreements through a Professional Services Working Group. Specialist service sectors such as business travel and insurance are expected to benefit from provisions set out in both agreements going forward.  

Businesses can access the survey here.

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