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Free Trade - read all about it!

Free Trade Agreements have become the one of the biggest buzz words in international trade over the last couple of years.

“Who do we have a free trade agreement with?”

“How do I benefit from an FTA?”

“How do I find out information about my product under an FTA?”

Well luckily, we are here to tell you about some of the online sources that are available to help and guide you. To start with, let’s look at a couple of Gov pages which have recently been overhauled to pull together information which is easier for you to understand and read.

This links lists all the free trade agreements (bar the UK–EU TCA) which are currently in effect and allow businesses to trade under the particular agreement. Click on any of the countries or agreements which are relevant to you, and you’ll find guidance on how to trade with that particular country and information on the trade agreement.

We all hear in the news about new trade agreements and ongoing negotiations (Australia, New Zealand and the CPTPP to name a couple), but sometimes it can be difficult to know if/ when you as a business can benefit from these agreements.

This link will keep you updated on trade agreements and negotiations which have relatively recently come into effect, agreements that have been signed but not yet into force and, current ongoing negotiations.

Finally, for information on a particular product, make use of the “check how to export goods” service. This service allows you to input the country of destination and the commodity code for your product, to obtain specific information and guidance which will be suitable to your business.

For more information on free trade agreements and how you can benefit as a business, make sure you contact Tees Global to discover what bespoke services we can offer you and your business.

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