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Deadline for final date to declare EU SPS imports in declarant’s records

HMRC have confirmed that importers of EU SPS goods using Entry in Declarant’s Records (EIDR) to declare their imports will no longer be able to do so from March 15th.    

Last month we reported that, as part of the wider Border Target Operating Model being rolled out this year, HMRC had advised importers of these controlled SPS goods who complete a type of simplified customs declaration procedure known as Entry in Declarant’s Records (EIDR), will now have to either complete an additional Simplified Frontier Declaration, if authorised to do so, or, alternatively, a full import declaration. At the time of writing, though, HMRC had not yet advised a deadline for the transition. 

HMRC have now advised that the final date for importers using EIDR to declare EU SPS goods will be March 15th. After this date, importers will have to either complete a full import declaration or a simplified frontier declaration followed by a supplementary declaration if they hold authorisation to do so from HMRC.  

Traders can apply for authorisation to use Simplified Declarations for qualifying imports here.

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