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Horizon, the region's newest, and most comprehensive international trade magazine.  Simply put, it is the international trade magazine for the North  - and it's FREE.

Published quarterly, Horizon focuses on

helping businesses grow and develop

their international trade by:

  • Highlighting changes in the global trade industry

  • Demonstrating how global and local organisations
    can help you

  • Providing easy-to-understand guides on legislative
    changes, VAT, VISAs and International payments

  • Understanding tradition and cultural essentials

  • Giving local businesses a voice

  • Speaking to the people at the heart of topical issues
    to give you the greatest understanding

  • Helping your business GROW!

The Jan-March 2023 special features include:

  • FIND YOUR FUNDING -as we reach the end of EU grants,
    find out what funding is still available and how to access it

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Magazine or browse our digital bookshelf:

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Check out the Horizon Magazine Media Pack 2023 here 

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