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"Delivering an ERDF project doesn't have to be a daunting and time-consuming process"

Tracey Watson, Managing Director of The Funding Forum 

Introducing the Funding Forum Compliance Review


All ERDF projects are required to undergo numerous audits throughout its lifetime and auditors will review processes and documentary evidence against the specific guidance in place at the time of the activity. 

It is therefore imperative for Project Managers to continuously monitor these updates and identify if any changes are required to the project's processes and documentation, to ensure ongoing compliance. However in reality most Project Managers are too busy ensuring the project is meeting its contractual targets, with little or not time available to keep up to date with changes to the legislation and guidance, and therefore are often unaware of changes that are required to be made - until it's highlighted during an audit, when it's too late!

Even if a project is understood to be performing well, since its inception there will inevitably have been numerous updates to the ESIF/ERDF legilsation and guidance so to minimise the risk of non-compliance and clawback, the Funding Forum can deliver an Ofsted-type assessment of the ERDF project, identifying risks and working with the project team to identify solutions and make recommendations prior to audit to mitigate potential clawback.

It is our combination of extensive ERDF experience and legal knowledge that gives us a unique skillset to be able to offer a thorough review of relevant legislative compliance.

The objective of a Funding Forum Compliance Review project is:

  1. To review the processes and documentation currently being used to ensure compliance with the appropriate ESIF/ERDF guidance

  2. Spot check audit trails and documentary evidence for activities, outputs and results claimed

  3. To provide a comprehensive report highlighting any identified areas of risk and recommendations   

f you are responsible for delivering an ESIF project contact us now for a free assessment on your specific needs,

including how we can help you avoid the dreaded claw-backs. 

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