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Country Guide: Turkey

Turkey is a relatively new but promising market for UK-based businesses. Increased investment, effective economic, social and fiscal policies, make it an exciting business prospect. Straddling both east and west, between Europe and the middle east, Turkey.

Key Export Opportunities:

  • Advanced manufacturing: Automotive, Maritime and Aerospace

  • Healthcare and medical equipment

  • Security equipment

  • Retail and consumer goods

  • Financial and business services

Top Tips for Doing Business in Turkey

Negotiating is non-negotiable
Through UK-based businesses might feel uncomfortable bargaining, negotiating cost and terms is a key part of Turkish culture. Bear this in mind and build room for negotiation into any quotes offered to Turkish business prospects.

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Don't take personal space too personally
Standing close during a conversation isn't considered problematic in Turkey unlike the West. Don't be alarmed at this.

Avoid offensive gestures
Simple gestures that might seem acceptable to westerners could be construed as offensive Turkish circles. To avoid any faux pas, don't point at anyone, make an 'Ok' sign with your fingers, cross your arms or stand with your hands on hips or in your pockets.

Trust is vital
Trust is paramount in Turkish culture and great emphasis is placed on sincerity ensure you take time to get to know your contact before discussing business. For the same reasons, long-term business prospects and contracts are often seen more favourable since they demonstrate loyalty.

Turkey at a Glance


Largest UK Export Market





World Bank - Ease of Doing Business Rank (2019)


World Bank Export of Goods or Services (% of GDP) (2021)

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