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Strengthening trade with the US

Agreement signed with South Carolina:

The Department for International Trade have announced that today (7th December) they will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with South Carolina. Last year, South Carolina bought £1.4bn of goods from the UK.

This will be the third MOU with an individual state after previous agreeing economic MOUs with North Carolina and Indiana which were signed in July and May respectively.

Trade Minister Tours to US to Continue Momentum:

The Trade Minister Greg Hands today kicks off his coast-to-coast tour of the US where he’ll look to stop in a number of states to try and bolster trade relations. This tour kicks off with the signing of the UK- South Carolina MOU in Columbia, South Carolina.

Over the next four days the Trade Minister will also stop in California and Utah. The tour is a great opportunity to strengthen ties with key US states that “include the largest US state economy, which covers around 15% of US GDP”.

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